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I didn't throw a rock through a window, I made a drawing

I'm interested in forms of interchange and the aberrations and novelties, intentional or not, introduced by the act of correspondence: what happens when one or more things come in contact with each other. These are dematerialized traces/residues, not sketches, with occasional brutal tears and other scars. I'm unconcerned with formal characteristics except as a by-product of the fabrication.

In the age of digital "perfection" I'm also drawn to the inherent rawness of mark making, coupled with the impossibility of reversal. There is no Command z. I find this imperfect medium a compelling method of examining this phenomenon and of facing my own fears of imperfection.

To make the works I rub paper-wrapped stones against a second graphite coated piece of paper, resulting in 2 "drawings" each a reflection of the other's influence and force. I also photograph the process and the artifacts. I think the photos look a bit violent: like barbed wire or hurt skin. At first I was shocked by them but I think they reflect the sometimes cruel nature of exchanges and barriers. We live in vacuums of our own making with odd interstices and junctures of influence.

top: installation views, Montserrat College of Art , 2023
right: 3D printed and “real” pinecones both: mixed media including  paper, paper pulp,  plastic, astroturf, coal

transfer stone pink BCA all IMG_8324 900ox wide.jpg
transfer stone duo for web copy.jpg

top: drawing stones and closeups of a reflection drawing, front and back (both sides of one of the original graphite coated papers)
Paper, rubber bands, graphite. 2018.

middle: untitled, color digital prints, acrylic paint, yellow plastic caution sign. 26"(w) x 40"(d) x 24"(h) . 2019.

bottom left: transfer 10, color digital print. 20"(w) x 30"(d). 2020.

below right: transfer 4, color digital print. 20"(w) x 30"(d). 2018

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