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Recently I've been questioning the power we invest in technology and the effect this is having on us. We're losing touch with the world around us and forgetting how to make mistakes (thereby making greater ones). I'm working backwards from technology, coming from a computer-heavy media arts background. I don't know if I'm aiming for magic but I am trying to get to the place that precedes logic as we know it. I'm interested in the transformative power of art. My current work references alchemy, nature, and the Anthropocene, using materials such as rain, snow, sand, plastic, and paper.


Conceptual and formal issues are of equal concern to me. I work across media crafting images, objects, text, sound, and installations that examine dissonance: what happens when one or more things come in contact with each other and the resulting artifacts and tensions. Part of my process is to push to the point of error and work through it, often breaking my objects to reconfigure and rework them, adding additional surface details at the final stage. The tension between the "perfect" (digital media) and the "imperfect" (drawings and objects) is an ongoing focus and I generally conceive of the 2 as disparate media in reinforcing dialogue.


I'm worried about the world and believe that art plays a vital part in fixing it. Making is an act of resistance and hope.

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