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rappaccini's offspring

We live in poisoned times with spaces still for joy and thought. Pandemic work.

covid bakers dozen at FS IMG_6789-web trio copy.jpg
covid bakers dozen at FS IMG_6789-web trio 2.jpg

top: rappaccini's offspring (detail), paper pulp, synthetic “diamonds”, synthetic “pearls”, wire, plastic gold pirate coins, tape, sculptamold,
DAR air-drying polymer, graphite, paper, 2022
middle top: selection of pieces from baker’s dozen+ (problems): paper pulp, sculptamold, stones found near my house, graphite, wood, acrylic paint, 2021

middle bottom: very rude choir (rock band), paper pulp, wire, wire mesh, acrylic paint, hair extension, rhinestones, colored “diamonds”,
plastic funnels, plastic chain, paper, pyrite, 2021

bottom: more pieces from  pieces from baker’s dozen+ (problems):

feral composite IMG_7206 wide.jpg

above: feral hope, paper pulp, paint, wire, graphite, glitter, rhinestones, plastic gold pirate coin, 2020

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