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round the clock dream state

Round the clock dream state presents a complex cycle of grief, rebirth, and euphoria to stage a tale of transformation. Using images and materials of the natural world the installation draws on the principles of alchemy and magic. Nighttime photographs of anemones and mugwort share the walls with other images while a chorus of paper sculptures occupies the middle ground. Certain materials recur: wood, snow, plastic, and colored gems. Pinecones transition into brilliant 3D printed versions, aided by a rose-gold disco ball with whom they share the space. The multiple narratives of the installation function as incantations and promises, evoking our complex present and a possible fabulous future.

Many thanks to Lynne Cooney and Montserrat College of Art for their help realizing this project.

top : installation views, Montserrat College of Art , 2023 both: mixed media including  paper, paper pulp,  plastic, astroturf, coal

middle: left: untitled celebration, paper pulp, plastic, sequins, rain water, paint, right: digital print on paper

bottom: left: 3D printed and “real” pinecones, right: digital print on paper

ruby snow ice green pulp BEST DSC_0241-FINAL duo for webl copy2.jpg
pinecones pearl print for web copy.jpg
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