Georgina Lewis  
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I make small objects and large sounds in an ongoing quest to determine the truth of the world around me. The confluence of the human, animal, and machine worlds is of particular interest to me and I use simple materials such as plaster, photographs, and human speech to examine these intersections. Conceptual and formal issues are of equal concern to me. My process involves a set of ongoing negotiations between intuitive responses to my materials and systematized frameworks laid well in advance.

I am drawn to points of slippage. I rephotograph photographs. I process speech to the point abstraction: delineating the stages at which language starts to break down and become just a sound, with formal, but no longer linguistic, significance. I meticulously repaint wood grain. Iím trying both to change and to maintain; to evoke mimesis and mutation, to insert myself at that ever changing juncture which is both the present and the future. I do so with a mix of humor, pathos, and fascination.