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these things might kill me
(or you too)

images of a future without care



group project; not a DNA test

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the shut palace of the queen


Bumpkin Island Surveillance





older work

the shut palace of the queen - 24 HOUR POEM BARRAGE

shut palace is rooted in a night of insomnia. From 4:15 - 6:15 am on March 7, 2015 I lay in bed writing and sending short messages to myself on my phone. Much of the initial writing was odd if not poor but the experience engendered a writing practice and style which I continue. It also served as an experiment to test how and whether my writing would differ under varying times of day and states of wakefulness. (It did).

In my sleepless state I defined insomnia as "the strong anchor that still defies words". In defiance of words but not language I present the passages of text as wall-based prints, often accompanied by images. I first showed several of them in a small space reminiscent of a bedroom, with a fire box that seemed a suitable surrogate for an alarm clock or possibly a suprossor of alchemy or maybe just a nice object. I also made custom wallpaper to amplify the color and the energy of sleeplessness which at times seems so palpable as to be visible in the dark.

Insomnia's a pain but also a kind of gift. It's a way to hide from within and regroup; a sort of studio of the mind. The signal gets stronger when there's less interference and I get things done at 3 am. I'm also less fettered by the usual things: fears, attention to order, logic.

Shut palace of the queen is a modification of the title of an alchemical text "Secrets reveal'd : or, an open entrance to the shut-palace of the King : containing the greatest treasure in chymistry never yet so plainly discovered". I'm constantly engaged with the interplay between impulse/intuition (alchemy) and more intentional conceptually grounded acts.