Georgina Lewis  
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Bard College Annandale-on-Hudson, NY. MFA
Tufts University/School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, MA. diploma
Massachusetts College of Art Boston, MA. post bac
Franklin and Marshall College Lancaster, PA. BA

solo and two person exhibitions
within the big is a lot of little. 2 person show with Patty deGrandpre. Fountain Street Gallery, Boston, MA. 2021.
Provender. 2 person show with Sarah Rushford. Grapefruits Art Space, Portland, OR. 2018.
images from a future without proper care. Rotch Library, MIT, Cambridge, MA. 2017.
Head Space Laboratories. Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, MA. 2015.

selected group exhibitions/performances
Upended at Boston City Hall. Mayor's suite gallery, Boston, MA. 2021.
Women in Abstraction. Curated by Destiny Palmer. New Art Center, Newton, MA. 2021.
Every Woman Biennial. Superchief NFT Gallery, New York, NY. 2021.
A Drawing a Day Keeps the Pandemic Away. Marjorie Barrick Museum, Las Vegas, NV. 2021.
Upended. Piano Craft Gallery, Boston, MA. 2021.
No Longer and Not Yet. Das Schaufenster Gallery, Seattle, WA. 2020.
home. Curated by Nicole Rademacher. Acogedor Space, Los Angeles, CA. 2020.
AREA CODE art fair. Curated by Octavio Zaya. Boston, MA. 2020.
The Boundaries Between. Curated by Tatiana Flis. Fountain Street Gallery, Boston, MA. online due to COVID. 2020.
Energy. ArtSpace Maynard, Maynard, MA. 2020.
Read Between the Lines. Fountain Street Gallery, Boston, MA. 2019.
Contours of Meaning. Curated by Jameson Johnson. Mills Gallery, Boston, MA. 2019.
25th Drawing Show - The Gig Economy: Depictions of Life and Responses to Work in the Digital Bazaar. Curated by Robert Moeller. Mills Gallery, Boston, MA. 2017.
REAL/IDEAL: Turning Utopia into Reality. Curated by David Guerra. Mills Gallery. Mills Gallery, Boston, MA. 2017.
Placemaking Objects. Curated by Jen Hall. Mills Gallery, Boston, MA. 2016.
Doppelgänger. Atlantic Works Gallery, Boston, MA. 2015.
Photography Now. University Place Gallery, Cambridge, MA. 2015.
The Triggering Town: Details of Subtle Significance. Curated by Randi Hopkins and Zelana Davis. Mills Gallery, Boston, MA. 2014.
More Human. Boston Cyberarts Gallery, Boston, MA. 2014.
The Lightning Speed of the Present. Curated by Lynne Cooney. 808 Gallery at Boston University, Boston, MA. 2014.
Process Goes Public. Curated by Debra Olin. Mills Gallery, Boston, MA. 2012.
CC18: present. Curated by William Tremblay, John Slepian, and Bob Kephart. Boston Cyberarts Gallery, Boston, MA. 2012.
Mixed Signals: Re-presenting Sensory Information. Curated by George Fifield and Heidi Kayser. Boston Cyberarts at Atlantic Wharf Gallery, Boston, MA. 2012.
Bumpkin Traces. Studio Soto, Boston, MA. 2011.
You are my Sunshine. Axiom Gallery, Boston, MA. 2011.
COLLISION16:fluid. by William Tremblay and John Slepian. Axiom Gallery, Boston, MA. 2011.
Identity Element: works from the New Axiom Group. Axiom Gallery, Boston, MA. 2011.
COLLISION15:findings. Curated by William Tremblay and Yuri Stone. Axiom Gallery, Boston, MA. 2010.
Wired for Sound. Curated by Jeremy Van Buskirk. Longy School of Music , Cambridge, MA. 2009.
COLLISION14:pov. Curated by William Tremblay. Axiom Gallery, Boston, MA. 2009.
December Sunwatchers. Curated by Brenda Hutchinson (as part of her year long Daily Bell 2008 project). Broadcast on 103point9 fm, New York , NY and archived online. 2008.
C1101 - Superartificial. Curated by William Tremblay and Jack Backrack. Axiom Gallery, Boston, MA. 2008.
Real pARty. Real Art Ways , Hartford , CT. 2008.
Collision 11. Curated by Jack Backrack and Dan Paluska. MIT , Cambridge, MA. 2007
Unsafe2 Festival. Sonic Arts program. The Lighthouse. Poole , UK. 2006.
CAKE. Axiom Gallery. Cambridge, MA. 2006.
Digital Art Weeks: Stereolith Works Program. Zurich , Switzerland. 2006.
The Thread Counts Project. Curated by Luanne Stovall and Leila Lee Mitchell. GASP. Brookline, MA. 2006.
Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Art 2006. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN. 2006.
The International Women's Electroacoustic Listening Room Project: Voices on the Edge. Curated by Pamela Madsen. Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis, MN. 2006.
Collision 9. Curated by jackbackrack, Dan Paluska, and Brian Knep. Art Interactive, Cambridge, MA. 2006.
Sounds Electric '05. National University of Ireland. Maynooth, Ireland.
Aqua Art Sound Broadcast. Curated by Susan Robb. In conjunction with Art Miami. Miami Beach , FL. 2005.
Beastyfeast. Curated by Alexandra Metral. Arlington Center for the Arts. Arlington, MA. 2005.
Collision 8/ el ocho. Curated by jackbackrack, Dan Paluska, and Brian Knep. Art Interactive, Cambridge, MA. 2005.
FILE 2005: Electronic Language International Festival. Sao Paulo, Brazil. 2005.
MFA Thesis Show. UBS. Red Hook, NY. 2005.
Art Word: Word Art. Wayne and Geraldine Kuhn Fine Arts Gallery. Ohio State University at Marion. Marion, OH. 2005.
Merging Voices: Fourth Annual Women in New Music Festival. Listening Room. Curated by Pamela Madsen. Cal State Fullerton. Fullerton, CA.2005.
This is Not an Archive. Center for Curatorial Studies. Annandale-on-Hudson, NY. 2005.
Art's Birthday. Web-cast by reverie: noisecity. Vancouver, BC. 2005.
Postcards from the Edge, Visual AIDS benefit. Brent Sikkema Gallery. New York, NY. 2004.
7th Annual CEAIT Festival. REDCAT (The Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater), Los Angeles, CA. 2004.
Women's Listening Room. CSUF Recital Hall , Cal State Fullerton. Fullerton, CA. 2004.
The Diagram, issue 3.6. Winter 2003/4, curated by Shannon Fields. 2003.
Pulse Field. Georgia State University Galleries. Atlanta, GA. 2003.
Student Voices: Independent Work. Grossman Gallery. Boston, MA . 2002
The Synergetic Ensemble. The Berwick Research Institute. Curated by David Matorin. Boston, MA . 2002.
Why Pinhole? Visual Studies Workshop. Curated by Stephen Eckel. Rochester, NY. 2001.
Dangerous Waves: Art of Sound. School for the Museum of Fine Arts. Boston, MA. 2001.
The Seeds of Cinema. The Robert Beck Memorial Cinema. New York , NY. 2001.
Roll Call . The American Cinema Classics Appreciation Society Pop-A-Top Bijou. Boston, MA. 2000.
Group Show. Center for the Visual Arts of the University of Toledo. Toledo, OH. 1999.
Celebrating New Technologies. The Photographic Resource Center. Boston, MA. 1999.
Video screening. Pan 9. Allston, MA. 1999.
Love and Despair. National Video Boston. Boston, MA. 1999.

VCCA France, Auvillar, France. Residency. 2015.
HyperStudio fellow, Program in Comparative Media Studies, MIT. 2013-14.
metaLAB@Harvard fellow, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. 2012-13.
Bumpkin Island Art Encampment, Boston Harbor Islands (Bumpkin Island), 2011.
Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Amherst, VA. Residency. 2010.
Council for the Arts at MIT, Director's Grant, Cambridge, MA. 2007
Millay Colony for the Arts, Artist Residency, Austerlitz , NY. 2005.

The Momentary. Co-curator (with with Lior Neiger) Fountain Street Gallery, Boston, MA. 2021.
Seeking Care. Co-curator (with Daniel Zeese) Fountain Street Gallery, Boston, MA. 2020.
COLLISION: Stealing from the Real: Simulation and sense making. Curator. Machines with Magnets, Pawtucket, RI. 2015.
COLLISION: Stealing from the Real: Simulation and sense making. Curator. Boston Cyberarts Gallery, Boston, MA. 2015.
Without Words Film Festival. Juror. Metz, France. 2014, 2015.
COLLISION17:transformer. Co-curator (with William Tremblay) of an international show of artworks exploring the theme of the artist as transformer: of perception into ideas. Axiom Center for New and Experimental Media, Boston. 2012.
Pattern Recognition. Exhibit Co-coordinator for a show of emerging Boston area new media artists. Axiom Center for New and Experimental Media, Boston. 2011.

public talks
The Sidewalk Inside, Moderator, panel discussion, Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, MA. 2022.
Invisibility(ies) Session One, panel artist, moderated by Nicole Rademacher, Acogedor Space, Los Angeles, CA. 2020.
Artists in Conversation - Little Gestures, , panel artist, moderated by curator Nicole Rademacher, Acogedor Space, Los Angeles, CA. 2020.
Contours of Meaning Artist Panel Discussion, panel artist, moderated by curator Jameson Johnson, Mills Gallery, Boston, MA. 2019.
A Little Big workshop. Mills Gallery, Boston, 2016.
Artist's talk. Dialogue Box, Boston. 2015.
The Artist's Hand. Mill's Gallery, Boston. 2014.
How my Brain works. Axiom Gallery for New and Experimental Media, Boston, MA. 2011.

recordings and screenings
Non-Event At Home: Program 93 - Georgina Lewis & Howard Martin. Video and sound collaboration with musician Howard Martin. 2022.
The Sidewalk Video Gallery. Single channel video display. Boston, MA. 2022
New Media Art and Sound Summit. Festival produced by COTFG, Austin TX. 2020 online due to COVID.
Unsafe Sonic Art. Produced/released by Chaotic System. Poole, England. 2007.

A Drawing a Day Keeps the Pandemic Away, Volume 1. Barrick Museum of Art, UNLV, Las Vegas, NV. 2020.
EAR | WAVE | EVENT. Issue 5. 2020.
CONTACT Edited by Sands Hall. 2017.
The Archive of Failure. Edited by Aaron Head, funded by Arts Council England. 2013.
Journal of Art Libraries Society of North America/ARLISNA. Review: Camoupedia: A Compendium of Research on Art, Architecture and Camouflage. April/May 2010.
Digital Artifact. Issue 2, Transnationalism. Fall 2008.

Museum Open House - Fountain Street Gallery. Interview with Jay Sugarman on January 20, 2022.
4 Lessons From "A Drawing A Day". Marie Reff, July 2021.
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of note
Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts . Salzburg, Austria. Participant in class The Magic Meets the Conceptual, 2019.

Fountain Street Gallery Boston. Core member. 2019 – present.
Collision Collective Former Member.
Axiom Gallery For New and Experimental Media, Jamaica Plain, MA. Steering Committee and Advisory Board Member. 2010 – 2012.