Georgina Lewis  
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these things might kill me
(or you too)

images of a future without care



group project; not a DNA test

- an Illustrated Encyclopedia

the shut palace of the queen


The hedge set about the
vineyard: Bumpkin Island
Border Control





older work

The hedge set about the vineyard*: Bumpkin Island Border Control

In the summer of 2011 I was invited to participate in the Bumpkin Island Art Encampment with my colleagues from the Axiom Group. With several other art collectives we lived on the Island for 4 days making temporary work, often from Island sourced materials. Bumpkin Island is located in Boston Harbor and is a National Park administered by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). It lacks electricity, running water, or permanent public shelters. As a condition of the residency artists, like homesteaders, were limited to supplies for sleeping, eating, and art making that they could physically carry with them on the small boat that brought us to the island. Fresh water was provided.

before: plans
holiday. darwin's finches. ideas. night-time sewing. help from another. food in bits of plastic. batteries.

during: the heat
fears of a storm. waking. walking. a route repeated. mussels. i am the intruder; my coffee packets bear this out. samples in a plastic bag. i am given a blue balloon, a white tube of lip paint. dirk marking strings. the water lasts. there is an hour each morning when the sun goes from warm to hurtful.

after: ice cream and water fountains
unload the orange bins. unpack the unread book. unpack the mussels, too, and shoot photo after photo til my back aches and the sun becomes shadow. blue balloon in a yard nearby. straws everywhere. i find no ticks.

* from the Correspondence of Charles Darwin, vol 12, p 358, Cambridge Univ. Press 2001. Letter from John Beck to Charles Darwin, 6 October, 1864